Setting Up Zoom to Participate in a Meeting

  You do NOT have to create a Zoom account to participate in a Zoom meeting. If you want to host your own meetings then you will need to "sign up" for a Zoom account. But if you only want to participate in someone else's meeting then do NOT click on "Sign In" or "Sign Up", but instead click on "Join a Meeting".


Option I: Easy Setup

You can often do a basic setup (one which won't have all the features, but will connect you) by simply using the URL link provided by the meeting host. You might try this approach first. Simply click on the URL link contained in the invitation email.

If you didn't receive an email with a URL link (from someone you trust), then simply connect to the internet on your device, open up your internet browser, and enter in the URL link that you were provided. Follow the instructions on your screen. As an example, Bill's Wednesday morning 10am Bible Study on Revelation is


Option II: Full Setup For

If you want to do a full setup of Zoom on your device, then choose your device from the list below.

1.   Add Zoom to Android Smart Phone or Tablet

2.   Add Zoom to iPhone/iPad

3.   Add Zoom to PC/Laptop


For full benefit of a video conference your device should have a working web cam, microphone, and speaker. These can either be built into your device or connected externally (plug in, cable, USB, etc). You should make sure that they work correctly before installing Zoom.